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Help With Eating Disorders

Most eating disorders involve preoccupation with body weight, size, and shape, and various efforts to control it, such as overexercising, restricting calories or types of foods taken in, inducing vomiting, and others.

 Many struggle with out-of-control eating patterns. Eating disorders are the most lethal of all psychiatric disorders, because of how much damage to the organs overexercise, restriction, and purging do over time.

Thankfully, there are effective treatments, and the earlier the treatment is started, the better the outcome is likely to be.

We offer two evidence-based treatments for eating disorders: CBT-E, which is a 20-session treatment approach for any adult with any eating disorder, and CBT-T, which is a 10-session treatment for adults who are not underweight and have a BMI over 18.5.

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