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What is Borderline personality disorder?

Borderline personality disorder has been getting more attention lately, as it should. There are still a lot of misconceptions about it, and it makes sense. If you know of someone with BPD, or you think that’s what you have, that often makes life more difficult. People tend to fear what they do not understand, especially when it creates difficulties or distress in the first place. I am hoping to share some of the knowledge I’ve gathered about it in the hope it helps.

How you can help someone before they access treatment

As someone who worked at the front line in the eating disorder field for a decade, I have come across countless family members and friends seeking ideas, suggestions, and a kind voice to help them learn ways to support the person they care about who is suffering.

Where can someone with an eating disorder get help

In our first blog post we spoke about how to help a loved one suffering with an eating disorder at different stages of wellness and treatment. In todays post, we wanted to dedicate an entire blog to where someone can get help.

Should you force someone to eat?

Building off our last posts I thought today I would cover a common question asked by parents or partners of someone who is struggling with an eating disorder. That question is ‘should I force my loved one to eat?’ or ‘How can I get them to eat?’

Why is it important to get help if a loved one has an eating disorder

In today’s blog post, I’ll cover why it is important to seek help for an eating disorder as soon as possible. Before we do so, I think it is important to mention some of the truths surrounding eating disorders. I have found from my clinical experience that many individuals hold myths that have stopped people from reaching out for help.

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